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Variety of Erotic Masseuses Female & Male to choose from

Our site is cozy, discreet, hygienic and private for your total comfort.

We also make trips only to hotels in central Madrid, or you can come and meet us in our space.

We know and practice the basics of the Original Tantric and Erotic Massage, Nuru, Soapy, Thai… and more…

Don’t forget to make your Appointment before coming to ensure the Best Quality, as always!

Open 365 days a year with a very convenient schedule. Come, Vibra, only with the Best.

erotic masseuses in madrid

Let us delight you with the Best Selection of Erotic Masseuses in Madrid.
Real Professionals and Beautiful Women and Men are at your disposal 365 days a year.

What are you waiting for?

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 28 years old.
Languages: Spanish/English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: España.
Availability: Every day.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 22 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: ONLY by appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 25 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Every day.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 23 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Paraguay.
Availability: Every day.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 24 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Only by appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 22 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Every day by appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 26 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Perú.
Availability: Only by Appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 25 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Only by appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 27 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Only by appointment.

Erotic Masseur

Age: 24 years old.
Languages: English / Spanish.
Attends to: Men only.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Every day by appointment.

Erotic Masseuse

Age: 26 years old.
Languages: Spanish/ English.
Attends to: Men and women.
Incall/Outcall: Yes.
Nationality: Spain.
Availability: Only by Appointment.

body to body massages

The Best Body to Body Massages in Madrid.

Have you already chosen your Masseuse or do you prefer to see them in person?….

Do not forget to make your Appointment to enjoy a different, daring, wet and erotic experience Today!

You have a variety of Erotic Massages and Tantric Massages with Happy Ending.

So you can try them all and repeat your favorite.

The Body to Body Massage is always a very flattering sensation of close contact.

Besides keeping your skin moisturized, feel the caresses and the continuous body contact of one of our erotic masseuses waiting for you to give you only the best.

Come and immerse yourself in our erotic world with warm oils, seductive music, and a completely relaxed and themed environment for you to disconnect from your ordinary day.

erotic massage menu

This is our Exclusive Massage Menu with Description, designed for you.

You have a variety of Erotic and Tantric Massages with different erotic loads so that you are totally at ease and feel the freedom and morbidity that you have come to look for today in our hands.

Take advantage of a -20%  on a Selection of Massages.

Ask us for your favorite.


Tantra Classic

Light Load

  • Erotic relaxing massage from head to feet.
  • Oriental Pressure Techniques with hands, arms and forearms.
  • Passive Massage
  • Masseuse with lingerie on.
  • Lingam/ Yoni (Light)
  • 1H-J

With our warm oil we stimulate all your erogenous zones. It consists of slight movements of relaxing massage, soft and slow friction that attend to all points of the body. Passive Massage


Medium Load


  • Erotic body-to-body massage.
  • Sensitive relaxing massage from head to feet.
  • Use of oriental techniques.
  • Guided Massage. 
  • Masseuse on Topless
  • Prostatic Massage
  • Lingam / Yoni (during the session)
  • 1 H-J.

Thai Fussion

High Load


  • Erotic body-to-body massage
  • Combination of oriental techniques
  • The masseuse work with hands, forearms, arms, knees and feet on your body
  • Interactive Massage. 
  • Topless masseuse
  • Prostatic massage
  • Foot Job.
  • Intensive Lingam /Yoni  (during the session)
  • 2 H-J (at the begining and at the end)
  • 1 interactive Tantric Posture (Kama-Sutra)

Soapy Massage

High Load+


  • Sensitive massage super slippery Body to Body.
  • 1 shower with your Masseuse
  • Use of special soaps ← Soapy Massage.
  • The masseuse uses her whole body (hands, arms, legs, chest and buttocks).
  • Interactive Massage
  • Naked Masseuse
  • Prostate Massage
  • 2 H-J (an Initial – an Final)
  • Foot Job
  • Intensive Lingam / Yoni←(during the session)

Masseuses availables ( women /men)

Nuru Naked

High Load+


  • Slippery Sensitive Full body-to-body massage
  • We use a special NURU seaweed gel for erotic massage 
  • The masseuse uses all her body (hands, arms, legs, chest and bottom)
  • Interactive Massage
  • Naked masseuse.
  • Prostatic massage
  • Foot Job
  • 2 H-J (at the beginning-at the end)
  • Intensive Lingam / Yoni (during the session) 
  • 3 interactive Tantric Postures (Kama-Sutra) 

Come and enjoy our Erotic Star Massage …

Dharma Bliss

High Load++


  • Slippery Sensitive Full body-to-body massage.
  • Massage Nuru Style (to choose between Nuru seaweed gel, Foam Soapy, Warm Oil).
  • The masseuses uses all her body (hands, arms, legs, chest and bottom).
  • Interactive Massage.
  • Naked masseuses.
  • Prostatic Massage.
  • Foot Job.
  • 2 H-J (at the beginning-at the end).
  • Intensive Lingam/ Yoni (during the session).
  • Interactive Tantric Postures (Kama-Sutra).
  • Part-time, 4 hands massage (2 masseuses).
  • Erotic Shower included.
  • Erotic games included.

Bliss yourself in the purest VIP pleasure

4 Hands Special

High Load


  • Sensitive body-to-body massage
  • 2 masseuses during the entire erotic session
  • Use of oriental techniques
  • Guided Massage
  • Topless masseuse
  • Lingam / Yoni Medium (during the session) 
  • Prostatic massage
  • 1 guided Tantric posture (Kama-Sutra) 

NOTE: Does not apply for couples massages

Massage for Couples

High Load


  • Sensitive body-to-body massage for each one
  • 1 Masseuse for all the session
  • Interactive massage between couple and masseuse 
  • Lingam/ Yoni Massage 
  • Topless masseuse
  • Complimentary sparkling Champagne and Chocolates
  • Intimacy and privacy time before and after the massage
  • Check prices and variations for more than 1 (one) masseuse.

Come and enjoy with your partner our Erotic Massage designed especially for you.

Or if you prefer some other Massage from our menu …

BDSM - Fetichism

High Load+


  • Sensitive body-to-body massage
  • 30 minutes relaxing erotic massage from head to feet
  • Interactive Massage ←(the first 30 minutes of erotic massage) 
  • Guided Massage (rest of Massage-Bondage**).
  • Topless masseuse and/or domination costume
  • Prostatic massage
  • Very visual and provocative tantric postures (Kama-Sutra) 
  • Intensive Lingam / Yoni Massage 

Tell us a little about your Fantasy of the day …

** We can adapt it to Vouyerism, Foot Fetish, Bondage, Soft Sado …


Something to Add?

1 Relaxation EXTRA 
1 Erotic Toy EXTRA 
Costume/ Pantyhose EXTRA 
1 Blissful Shower EXTRA 
1 EXTRA masseuse at the END 
Foot Fetish EXTRA 
Vouyerism EXTRA 

What are you waiting for?

Make your appointment and we will make your deepest wishes come true.

massages with BLISSFUL END

All our Massages include Relaxation for ALL your body.

What changes from one to another to spice up your Selection is the Erotic Power of each Massage.

For example, if the Massage includes Body to Body, Tantric Postures

Let yourself be seduced by our beautiful erotic masseuses and be guided to the True Eroticism.

We are Professionals of Tantric Art and Seduction through our Erotic Massages.

You can also add some extras to your Massage in case it does not include them for you to have a unique and absolutely pleasurable session: shoes, stockings, erotic shower with your Masseuse.

Shall we add another Blissful End?

Of course we do! We love to please you in every way we can!

The Best Erotic Massages in Madrid

Do not miss the opportunity you are looking for.

Come and live on the verge of climax 365 days a year with the best company.

We practice and carry out real tantric and erotic techniques without going over the line to the crude.

Because being Masters of Tantra is what moves us, and transmitting all our Art on your Body is what fills us and makes us vibrate with you.

Authentic Body to Body Massages, and there is nothing more pleasant and pleasurable than feeling close to real Goddesses of Eroticism.

Come, Feel us, Vibrate only with the Best.

We are here for you, every day of the year.

Erotic Massages for Men and Women.

We love to fill your day with eroticism and sensuality.

For this reason, we make no distinction to sex.

We attend to Men, Women and Couples who want to have a different and quality experience.

Our Erotic Masseuses, Women and Men are Professionals, Educated and previously trained to continue providing the Quality, Good Service and Attention that characterizes us.

We offer absolute pleasure for those who want to let themselves go.

Lingam and Prostate Massage

Go a little beyond the simple touching of the genital area…

We practice real and absolutely explosive techniques such as Lingam Massage and Prostate Massage.

While it is true, the Lingam Massage is stimulation of the genital area; this takes time and a completely different vision to what is simply Blissful end.

And we perform it before the so-called «Blissful End» with the intention of prolonging the ecstasy produced by stimulating all the nerve endings that are located in that area.

For this reason, we also include the Prostate Massage in our massage menu.

They go practically hand in hand, as they are located just a few centimeters apart.

Discover more about Lingam Massage HERE.

And dare to feel the most explosive and vivid orgasms you’ve ever had!

Tantric Massages in Madrid

Are you curious to know what a Tantric Massage is? Or, have you already received one before and want to relive that experience?

Come and enjoy real tantric techniques that we put into use in our selection of Erotic Massages.

All our Erotic Masseuses (women and men) put them to use to make you vibrate like never before.

A completely mind-blowing massage whose main objective is to keep you on the verge of climax, prolong the ecstasy of orgasm, eliminate blockages and open you to a world that is more sensitive and spiritual than carnal.

Among the best known techniques are Lingam Massage (for him), Yoni Massage (for her), Tantric Postures (modification of the Kama-Suttra Positions), etc.

If you like what you are reading, then COME and experience it in person.

The Best Nuru Massage in Madrid

If you have not tried this extraordinary Nuru Massage technique before, we invite you to try it in the hands and body of authentic and professional erotic masseuses.

It is a technique originating in Japan, where we do not use conventional warm oil for massage.

Instead you have at your disposal the real Nuru Gel made with Nori seaweed, which creates a wet and fresh effect and total body contact between your body and the masseuse’s body.

This gel is odorless and colorless, and being made of seaweed has a very pleasant texture to the touch, and also beneficial to the skin and easy to wash.

In this authentic erotic massage the masseuse uses absolutely all her body with various techniques and balance to make your Nuru Massage Session a real blast.

Most of the time during your session is body contact, and the main star is that we do the massage with our booty, feet, legs… on your body.

Come and try the best Nuru Massage in Madrid, here with us.

Erotic Massages in hotels in Madrid / outcalls

If you are visiting Madrid and want to receive an Erotic Massage Session without leaving your Hotel room, call us and find out more.
We also make trips to the Hotels located in Madrid without extra cost of taxi*.

We carry our complete kit so you don’t have to worry about anything.

All our Erotic Masseuses (Women and Men) are professionals and will be happy to make you feel special also in your Hotel.

  • Reservation and Confirmation by both parties 1 hour before.
  • Minimum service of 60 minutes in a Selection of Massages*.
  • Tantra Classic Massage is excluded.
  • No transportation/taxi* supplement is charged if you are within the M-30 (please consult).
  • No promotion/offer from our website applies for services to Hotels.
  • We only go to hotels by prior arrangement (We do not do home visits).
  • Our masseuses are prohibited sexual practice. Consider them at all times.

Sensual Massages in Madrid

Sensual Massages in the Center of Madrid.

A world full of sensations awaits you TODAY!

Discover all that your body is capable of doing with the right touch and rubbing.

Come and relax every corner of your body in our hands.

Erotic and Tantric Massages near you.

Are you looking for the best erotic and tantric massage in Madrid?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

We are very close to you. And we have a Private, Discreet and Hygienic place ready to give you as always the Best.

In the center of Madrid, next to Gran Vía street.

Easy access, having several Metro lines very close and a few meters away (Metros: Noviciado, Calla, Plaza de España and Santo Domingo).

As well as 3 private parking surrounding our center (Private parking: Luna-Tudescos Plaza Tudescos; Garage Luna- c/ Pizarro 7; Garage Santana – c/Andrés Borrego 9).

Come, Meet us, Discover us, Enjoy.

contact us


  • Do I have to make an appointment before going to Dharma Massages Center? Preferably yes, we ask you to make an appointment before coming. You can do it through our website, via text message through Whatsapp/ Signal/ Telegram and even via email.
  • Can I choose the massuse with whom I’ll have a unique experience with at Dharma Massages? Yes, you can choose as long as they are available at the time of your appointment, as well as making an appointment with the one you would most like to live this experience with, appreciating their photos on our Website, in the Section: Masseuses.
  • Are the photos I see on the Web real? Yes, all of the photos that we post in our photo gallery are the current masseuses available at the time, also every photo has been taken at our Center premises.
  • Can I ask for more than a massage session? Dharma Massages is formed by a team of committed and experienced professionals. We do not provide escort services, with which, the massages have as finale a complete sensual body relaxation. SEXUAL PRACTICE IS PROHIBITED.
  • Can I pay with a credit card? Our Dharma Massages Center is equipped with a POS to make it easier and more convenient for you to pay with a credit card, or in cash if you wish so. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • Can I extend a massage? You can always consult the massage therapist at least 20 minutes before the massage requested is over, and the difference in price will be paid afterwards. If it is the same type of massage previously selected, it extends to the next one of longer duration. * Consult the Administration of the Center in case of doubt. It will be subject to the availability and demand of appointments.
  • Can I smoke inside the facilities? You can only use electronic cigarettes that do not cause discomfort to other clients at the center or to the masseuses. Before or after the massage exclusively, this way we guarantee a correct relaxation and enjoyment of the experience.
  • Are the massages only for men? It is a tribute to the body, so we do not make gender distinction. It can benefit both men and women. You can check the variety and SERVICES section in our SERVICES and MASSAGE menu.
  • Can the Masseuses be touched and caressed? As long as the limits established by the massage therapists are not exceeded, you can consult our interactive massages on our service list. The genital area of ​​the massage therapists should not be touched under any circumstances (CONSULT OUR CODE OF CONDUCT)
  • Are there male masseurs? Yes, there are. You can check our section of massage therapists.
  • About my personal data, how are the data treated? In Dharma Massages we do not store data under any circumstances other than in the waiting period between the appointment request and your arrival at the center. We know how important it is to maintain privacy, and we put our ethics and discretion into practice at all times.
  • What products / equipment are used during the massage sessions? At Dharma Massages we apply the ethics of Hygiene and disinfection of the rooms after each session. We use disposable materials to make sure everything is regulated according to the Law (blankets, towels, sponges, oils …) In addition, we use professional products that are pH neutral to avoid possible allergies when carrying out massages.
  • Can I take a shower at the end of the massage? Do you have Personal Hygiene products for that? No doubt. Rely on our Code of conduct to ensure your peace of mind and comfort, you will have at your disposal a shower and other hygiene products before and after the massage.
  • Can I drink alcoholic beverages at Dharma Massages Center? You can only have complimentary products which we will provide you with, before or after the massage (consult).
  • Can you come to my hotel to receive the massage? Yes, we provide our services at hotels and at our center, so home services are excluded. For more information, consult the SERVICES section, or contact us. The transport used to reach the destination must be paid according to the value indicated on the ticket that the massage therapist will provide on arrival (Price is a round trip from and to the Dharma Massages Center).



We love to serve you and make you feel good.

That’s why we have created for you an exclusive menu of massages with special discounts or promotions, because we know you will love them and you will come back to try them all!!!!

Our erotic masseuses will be ready to please you in this unique experience.


  • LINGERIE MASSAGE: 30 or 60 minutes. (As long as it is not the Promotion of the Month)
  • THAI FUSSION: 30 or 60 minutes. (Provided that it is not the Promotion of the Month)
  • BDSM Bondage: 60 minutes. (As long as it is not the Promotion of the Month)
  • NURU NAKED: Special promotional price (Not 20%) applicable only to Massage of 60 minutes or more. (As long as it is not the Promotion of the Month).
  • SOAPY MASSAGE: 20% discount does not apply. (As long as it is not the Promotion of the Month)
  • MASSAGES FOR COUPLES: Ask for special prices.
  • 4 HAND MASSAGES: Ask for special prices.
  • TANTRA CLASSIC: Excluded from any promotion, discount or contract to hotels.
  • MASSAGES TO HOTELS: No discounts or promotions apply. We do not charge extra for the transfer of the masseuse to your hotel room within the M-30, and are contracted in Erotic Massages from 60 minutes onwards, with 1 hour in advance and confirmation by both parties (subject to availability of masseuses).

NOTE: Promotions and discounts are INCOMPATIBLE. They are subject to change by Dharma Massages Madrid Management without prior notice.

The discount to be applied will be based on the price (VAT included) that is currently published on our website.



In Dharma Massages Madrid, and to make our wide range of massages even more attractive, we have the PROMOTION OF THE MONTH.

It is a promotional discount valid for one (1) month, subject to change without notice and based on the availability of masseuses.

It is a PROMOTIONAL SPECIAL DISCOUNT not compatible with any other discount nor is it available for hotel services.

For Dharma Massages and its team, it is very important that the following considerations be taken into account by both parties (Client-Masseur) in order to fully enjoy this unique experience at its maximum expression:

  • Let yourself be guided by our massage therapists during the whole session. Expert hands will accompany and vibrate throughout the session.
  • Taking into account the topic of hygiene, and everything that the sensual experience entails, we ask you to take into account the personal and intimate hygiene; thus the experience will be pleasant to its maximum expression.
  • Our masseuses are committed and experienced professionals, who also have a private training imparted at our center, therefore, THEY HAVE PROHIBITED IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THE SEXUAL PRACTICE IN ANY OF THEIR FORMS, NOR ACCEPT THE PAYMENT OF WHAT MENTIONED, ** THEY ARE NOT ESCORTS **, so we ask you to treat the (Professionals) politely and respectfuly at all times and refrain from requesting or insisting in the practice of these. Enjoy this unique experience.
  • Consider the masseuse at all times, as well as the Center’s facilities.

Dharma Massages has an internal policy and acceptance of strict Codes of Conduct which are necessary for the proper functioning and prestige that endorses us.

In the event of unfulfilling any code of conduct described above or any other mistreatment towards the (masseuse), we will be forced to stop the service immediately. The client must pay the proportional part to the time of enjoyment of the Service already provided and leave the center in a respectful manner.